(сhoose a convenient delivery for You)

1. Сarriers.

We can deliver to any carrier that is convenient for you: New Mail, Bridge Express, Autolux, InTime,

SAT, etc.

The cost of delivery can be determined using the calculators that are available on the carriers' sites.

The item is shipped after full or partial payment the next day after payment.

It is also possible to pay with a bill of lading, but with a pre-payment of 10% of the cost the goods.

2. Transportation of the company.

We can deliver the general cargo by our own transport all over Ukraine. So, delivery will be cheaper

than carriers.

It is important - at complex orders of dimensional cargoes we carry out the FREE delivery in



(choose a payment method that is convenient for You)

1. Cash:

- when buying from us in the office;

- when paying by way of overpayment in the warehouse of the carrier with an advance payment of

10% of the cost the goods (pre-payment can be made either on a card through a terminal or a bank

by transfer).

2. Non-cash:

- payment on a card;

- bank transfer for FOP;

- bank transfer for legal companies (VAT payers).

In any case, please contact with our service department and get all the answers for your

questions. Tel. (03245) 41942.